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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, January 23, 2012

Ms Rachel

This will be the last week that the children go to Ms Rachel's house for babysitting. Connor started there almost two years ago and Paige has been with her since she was born. Ms Rachel's been a huge part of our childrens' lives and we give her a lot of credit for the fact that we've got such great kids. Her son Logan is one of Connor's best friends and Logan's very sweet with Paige too. We will miss Ms Rachel and her sweet family.

She always was great about taking pics of Connor and Paige and what they were up to and would often send them to us throughout the day. Last Friday she gave us a CD with all the pictures she has taken of our kids and there were a lot of great pictures that we just had to post.

The first time Paige ever had pigtails was thanks to Rachel!

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