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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Daytona Beach with the Great Grandparents

On Saturday, January 28th, we all arrived in Daytona Beach to visit with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Vernon. They were nice enough to let us stay with them in their condo on the beach while we waited for our things to make the long drive from Kansas City.

We had a very fun visit and ate at two of our favorite places, Aunt Catfish and Inlet Harbor.

Connor liked to play on the pirate ship and pretend fight with pirates at Inlet Harbor.

We had a pretty relaxing stay for most of the visit. It was a little too cool to go down to the beach so we mostly just relaxed in the condo and played together.

Connor didn't have a lot of toys to play with and spent a lot of time goofing around on the iPad.

Paige thought Great Grandma was lots of fun.

Paige liked playing with Great Grandpa too.

Chloe was a good girl in the condo and Connor thought it would be funny to pile his stuffed animals on her.

The kids were good and we had lots of fun. Thanks Grandpa and Grandma!!

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Richard said...

Good times. Looks like everyone is weathering the move well.