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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sick... Again...

Baby sister got sick again this last week. More vomit, more diarrhea. This one really took a toll on her. The last bout hardly affected her. Last time, she'd vomit and then be ready to play in a few seconds. This time, she was in a lot of pain and was not her cheerful self. She lay around the house for a few days. We held her a lot and she slept and rested all day and night. We got worried about her at one point because she'd hardly kept anything down for a while, but we took her to the doctor and got reassured we were doing the right thing. After a few days she got better and finally is back to normal.

Connor also threw up this week, and we were terrified that he'd be in bad shape too, but we think it was an anomaly because he never developed a fever or acted sick again. He got to stay home from an extra day and was thrilled about it.

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Richard said...

She looks very sad - poor little poop.