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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sold sign!

It's still not officially official, but the house has the SOLD sign out front!

Today was our appraisal, and if everything goes well with that, we will be past all the major hurdles. We should know in a couple days if there's any issue. They really cut it close with this appraisal, typically it should be done by now. We are going on Monday to sign the closing documents and we officially close in 6 days. Not much time left!

On the topic of moving, we're all ready to go. The weather at this point looks like it should stay somewhat warm and dry, although today it's pretty darn cold. I caught Andrea wrapped in a blanket today while she was working on taxes and bills. We're ready to go where it's warm!

Caught you!

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Richard said...

Hope the final steps are smooth and clean. No problems now please! Keep up with that paperwork.