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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Moving update

Things are moving along quickly now, but for us it seems like it's going very very very slowly. We've done lots of planning and preparation and now all we need to do is wait patiently. It's very hard and we're always running scenarios in our heads and wondering what else we may have missed or what else needs to be planned. Andrea and I can hardly sleep recently since we're so excited!

We're (hopefully) nearly done with the selling of our current home. We accepted an offer December 17, 2011 on our Kansas City house and have gone through the inspections process. We fixed a few things around the house and should have the appraisal completed soon. As long as everything works out with the appraisal, we should be closing on January 25, 2012  (less than two weeks away) and then we move to Florida!

We've done all of the major planning for the move. It's been a little crazy trying to pull everything together and coordinate everything. Andrea found us a rental house in Florida and we sent them a rent check and application fee and then they rented to someone else. After that, we thought we were doomed to rent an apartment until the house we're building was completed, but we finally found another house and they've accepted our rental application and we have a move in date. Our current plan is to have our Kansas City house packed and loaded by movers, then Shawn will drive the SUV along with possessions that can't be moved by movers. We will ship Andrea's car on a truck, and then have Andrea fly down with the kids a couple days later. Once we are all down in Florida, we're planning to stay with Great Grandpa and Grandma Vernon in their Daytona Beach condo until all of our possessions from the house arrive. Lots of coordination involved and we're hoping the weather cooperates and it all goes smoothly. The weather in Kansas City has been great recently and it's been unseasonably warm in Kansas City, mostly in the mid 50's all winter so far. We're praying it stays warm for just two more weeks!

The rental house in Florida is a four bedroom and will hopefully be big enough for us to live comfortably for the next four to five months while our permanent home is being built. The house we're building is nearing the construction phase. The permit box is up on the lot and it's our understanding that the permits should be approved any day (usually take 2 months to get permits) and then they can start the real construction process. Brenda, one of the realtors we're working with, sent us a picture of the permit box on the lot.

Our big 2012 adventure begins soon! Wish us luck!


Richard said...

Whew! The tension is building - but really, you've done everything you can. Time to try and relax and let Nature take its course. You guys are great planners. Even if there are more obstacles, I'm sure you'll overcome those too. You've got the tough stuff licked.

alice v said...

we're really really excited for you! you are such great movers and shakers.