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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, September 15, 2019

Music Club

Paige got the good news that she was accepted in to Music Club at school! Paige has always had a love for music and enjoys singing so we were all hoping that she would be accepted to the club. The music club has a limited number of spots available so we had to submit an application for Paige to be considered. The club meets every other week and so far they've met once and started rehearsing their songs. They're working on a holiday program and we are excited to see it later this year.

Paige’s Music Club Application - 4th grade

Hi my name is Paige Vernon and I hope to be picked for the music club. I have a passion for music and I love to sing, but I’ve never been in a club or band yet. I always love to sing along with music on the radio and on my phone, and recently I’ve been interested in learning to play the piano as well. I enjoy music apps on my phone and singing with friends.

My family has a love of music as well. My grandfather was a band director for a high school and my uncle is a choir director. Both of my parents were in band when they were in school, and I am hoping to sing with my school friends and learn about music with a teacher that can help me improve my singing.

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