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Saturday, September 7, 2019

The Breakers Palm Beach for 15th Anniversary

This weekend, Andrea and I drove down to Palm Beach to The Breakers for 3 nights to celebrate our 15th wedding anniversary. Our actual anniversary was June 18th, but with Andrea's cancer treatment we'd canceled all of our summer plans. Andrea actually hasn't been on a fun vacation or trip since our trip to Kansas City in May,  so it was about time we got her out of the house. It was definitely time to get out and do something fun since we had to cancel our Orlando plans over Labor Day weekend as well and had been cooped up in the house for days waiting on a hurricane to pass by. It was definitely a good weekend for some relaxation and celebration. Grandpa Rick and Grandma Alice were awesome to agree to watch Paige and Connor on short notice as well since we had to throw this vacation together quickly once the storm was no longer a threat and we knew we could make plans for the weekend.

The drive down to Palm Beach was not too bad, and was the first road trip in our Tesla. The autopilot was interesting to use on the highway, although we're still not super comfortable with it yet. Especially when it stays in the absolute center of the lane while a gigantic truck or something scary is right next to us. We tend to keep our distance a little better from other vehicles, but the autopilot is happy to stay in the middle of the lane regardless. We had to stop once for about 20 minutes to charge, but otherwise it was much like a typical drive.

The Breakers was one of our favorite hotels we've visited lately. It was closed for Hurricane Dorian and opened at 3pm just as we arrived. For the first part of our stay there weren't many people around, which made it nice and quiet. The rates per night were also less than half what the normal price, probably due to all the cancellations for the hurricane.

We played in the 9am clinic twice at the tennis center. It was not cheap at $65 per person, but we enjoyed starting our days off with some exercise. We typically don't eat breakfasts, but since it was included with our stay we ate breakfast at the hotel after our tennis.

In the afternoons we went to the pool and it was the first time Andrea's been able to swim since her chemo. We mostly just relaxed by the pool and sat in the water and did some people watching. Andrea is trying to baby her hair, so we avoided getting it wet with the pool water.

On Saturday after tennis we watched the US Open finals match between Serena Williams and Andreescu, then we did a little shopping nearby for some clothes for Connor. For dinner we ate at the HMF restaurant and had some tapas and bread pudding for dessert.

It's been a nice getaway for us and we are thankful for so many things. Thankful for the 15 years of marriage we've shared together, thankful for our children and our families, thankful that Andrea's halfway through her chemotherapy and on a road to recovery, thankful for our health, thankful the hurricane went past without damaging our home, and thankful for each other. I love you Andrea!

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