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Vernon Volumes text

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Beach day and last days in town with Grandma Genie

On Sunday, we went to the PVIC beach club with Grandma Genie. It was a fairly cool day, but the kids wanted to play in the sand at the playground and I played with them a little bit in the ocean.

The kids swam in the pool, which was heated, for a little while. Andrea and Genie took a stroll down the beach together.

We all enjoyed the last few days while Genie was in town. We all enjoyed game nights together and played Snorta, Go Fish, Spoons, and Trouble a few times. On Tuesday, Genie's last day in town, she went to the bus stop to tell the kids goodbye. I was a little afraid Paige would freak out and not get on the bus, but she gave Grandma a big hug and got right on.

Connor gave her a big hug too and after they went to school, Andrea took Genie up to the airport.

Genie told us she had a nice relaxing and enjoyable trip. We are so happy she came to visit us and that she's feeling better post-chemo.

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