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Vernon Volumes text

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Stepstool necklace

This Wednesday, I was out playing tennis, and Andrea was home with the kids. Paige had been using the stepstool to reach something and as she was putting it away she decided to put it over her head like a hat. Her head ended up slipping through the small hole in the side and next thing she knew, it was stuck. The thin and somewhat sharp plastic was digging in to the back of her head on one side, and under her chin and against her neck on the other side. She started freaking out and crying and Andrea couldn't figure out how to get it off without hurting her. Andrea gave up and ran next door to get our neighbor Phil. Phil came over and managed to turn the step stool around a bit without hurting Paige and eventually he was able to pop it off.

Thank goodness we have awesome neighbors that live closeby! Andrea gave Paige a long talk about being more careful. It seems like almost every day we caution her about doing silly things that could get herself hurt. Hopefully she learned something from this.

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