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Vernon Volumes text

Monday, February 1, 2016

The Bunny House

This past week we almost bought a new house. Ever since we moved in to our current house, we've kind of been looking over in Ponte Vedra Beach for our next house. We know we'd like to move over there eventually for a number of reasons, and we've been saving up and waiting for the right house to come along. Well, we thought maybe we'd found it recently. In October, we went to look at a house in the neighborhood we like. At the time, it was priced a little higher than we liked, but it had a lot of good things going for it. It had the tile roof I like, a four car garage, a great view of the salt water marsh with a little dock and walkway out to it, golf courses nearby, and it also had a messy bunny in a cage in the living room. Andrea and I referred to it as the bunny house, and we liked it, but didn't think it was worth it to make an offer back in October.

Recently, they dropped the price on it a bit and we decided to take another look at it. We walked through it again and decided we should maybe make an offer. The day before we put in our offer, Andrea had a dream that other people already put in offers and we didn't get it. We decided we'd better not wait so we put in our official written offer. The seller's real estate agent mentioned that other families had been interested and after we put in our offer, another interested party put in their offer, which actually was substantially lower than ours. We thought this was a good sign. Also, the other interested party was really wanting to change the address on the house since it wasn't a lucky number for them. We figured that complication and their low offer would mean they weren't as serious as us and we weren't too worried.

The seller countered our offer with a slight price reduction and we put in our final offer to hopefully meet them where it'd work. Unfortunately the other interested party put in an offer a bit higher than our offer and the sellers sold it to them.

We're a bit disappointed it didn't work out, and it was interesting that Andrea's dream came true. Maybe it was a sign and it wasn't mean to be! We're hopeful another house will come along soon that would be perfect for us.

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