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Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dippin Dots Bike Ride

The other night, Andrea had taken Connor to tennis, and I decided to do something fun with Paige. We got our bikes, put a couple paper bowls in her bike's basket, and rode down to the gas station at the front of our neighborhood. It's about a mile a half or so to the gas station, but all the sidewalks are finally in place through our neighborhood, so it's a nice ride. There aren't sidewalks through the business park near the gas station, so we walked our bikes carefully down the side streets for the final 50 yards or so. We parked our bikes out front, bought two packs of Dippin Dots, and ate them in the Subway that's attached to the gas station. We stopped at the park for a little while on the way home. Paige absolutely loved it. She's already been asking when we can go again.

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