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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Grandpa Rick's birthday and last day of the visit for Chris, Abby, Alex and Max

Saturday was the last day of the visit for our out of town family. After Connor's football game, we went to lunch with Uncle Alex and then everyone eventually came over to our house. We warmed the hot tub up to 100 degrees and it felt very nice on a cool winter day. It was about 60 degrees out at the warmest part of the day and it was a bit chilly for any exposed skin. We got nice and warm in the hot tub and then a few of us decided to jump in the pool to experience the shock of the frigid water. I'm always surprised at how Connor manages to swim around in it for so long, he spent the most time in the cold water by far.

The very first time we all jumped in, Andrea got it on video. Our reaction, especially Uncle Chris's hooting was pretty funny. We were supposed to have a contest to see who could stay in the longest, and I was the first wimp to get out.

After we all dried off, Aunt Abby braided Paige's hair and then we ate our leftovers from Maggiano's. Andrea picked up a cake for Grandpa Rick earlier in the day and we lit some candles for him and sang "Happy Birthday" to him.

After the cake was eaten, the kids gave Grandpa the cards they had made for him and he opened the gift that we'd gotten him. We played some games for a bit and soon it was time for everyone to go. Connor got teary eyed telling everyone goodbye. I don't know when we will get to see them all again, but it was so nice to have everyone together for such a nice long visit. We all had a wonderful time together and we are so thankful we had the opportunity to be together and have so much fun.

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Richard said...

This was a really fun day. Glad we got to spend it with you all.