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Sunday, February 7, 2016

Daddy Daughter Dance 2016

This year the timing of the Daddy Daughter Dance wasn't ideal. We had a lot of family in town when the Daddy Daughter Dance was scheduled to be held and Andrea and I actually thought maybe we'd skip it this year. Paige though, remembered it was around Valentine's day and started asking about it. She had so much fun last year and was looking forwards to it so much, we couldn't let her down. Andrea ordered a couple dresses and Paige tried them on and we all liked one of them very much.

After we got home from Daytona Beach, we got all fancied up and took a few pictures before we went over to the neighborhood clubhouse.

The clubhouse was decorated nicely for Valentine's Day and there were lots of daddies and daughters there.

The same DJ was there, as always, and we participated in a few of his games. Paige held hands with Ella and they did the Hula Hoop pass through game for quite a while before eventually being eliminated.

Paige and I also goofed around with some of the hula hoops and she practiced for a bit. I actually got her very best hula-ing on video and she was very thrilled with it.

We danced together to a bunch of songs, ate some snacks, and afterwards went and got some Dippin' Dots for dessert. It was a very special night for us to spend together and I can't imagine having a more wonderful date for the event. Paige is my special girl and we share such love for each other. I love my daughter!

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