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Vernon Volumes text

Friday, November 4, 2011

Connor's first basketball practice - Bitty Basketball

Connor  had his first "Bitty Basketball" practice on Tuesday and Thursday this week. We have been playing for fun in the driveway with him for a while and he's definitely got natural skills with a basketball. It's hard not to talk him up too much with it, but he's the best on the team by far and does an awesome job.

There are 6 sessions on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The first 3 are just drills and the last 3 are games. He's done a great job with the practices, we'll see how the games go!

Paige went to the first practice and was a bit of a wild woman. For a little while she'd be good and would lull you into inattention. You'd be watching Connor do his drills and suddenly Paige would be in the middle of the practice grabbing cones or balls or just being crazy.

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Richard said...

What a guy. Quite a sportsman, trying out for everything. That's great to get all that exposure.