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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 6, 2011

House for sale update

Our house has officially been on the market now for 3 months. That's about 2.5 months longer than we'd hoped for! We knew that this time of year isn't ideal for selling a house but thought we'd give it a try anyways. At the end of summer it was a bit slow right before school started, then activity picked up for a while. We got three offers and although we accepted one of them, none of them worked out. Activity has slowed down recently and we're guessing that there won't be a lot of people out house shopping between Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We're a bit discouraged, but we're trying to stay positive. At this point, we aren't holding out much hope that we'll be sold and moved by the end of the year, but with house selling it's all about being on the market when the right person comes along. We know our house is going to be right for someone out there, hopefully they come soon!

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