Vernon Volumes text

Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween slumber party in Odessa

On Sunday, Connor went to Grandma and Grandpa Anders house for some Halloween fun. They made cookies and carved up the pumpkin and Connor helped too.

The rubber glove probably helped him get over the "yuck" factor.


Later that night they watched a Scooby Doo Halloween movie that turned out to be a bit too scary for little Connor. He didn't want to watch the whole thing.


Later that night, he woke up from a scary dream and had a cute conversation with Grandma.

Connor said: "You used to be a little girl Ga?"
Grandma said: "Yes I used to be a little girl."
Connor held up 4 fingers and asked: "You used to be four Ga?"
Grandma said yes and said after she was four she turned five, and after five she turned six, etc. up to ten.

We all thought that was a cute moment they shared.

Connor and Drew loved the shields Grandpa made for them and sword fighting.

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