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Vernon Volumes text

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kids playing together - The Tackle Game

Connor wasn't too interested in Paige when she was an infant. He accepted her instantly in to the family, but she wasn't much fun for him and he didn't really interact with her much at first. Recently, they play quite a bit together and he's such a good big brother with her. He's very careful with her and protective, although sometimes the protectiveness borders on tattling.

Their favorite game recently is the tackle game. Paige will run through the dining area and Connor will chase her. As soon as she gets to the carpet, and Connor knows it's safe, he'll tackle her down. They will do it over and over and it never seems to get old. They really like it when I take videos of the tackling and after every tackle will want to see the resulting video.

I put a few of them together in to one big video.

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