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Vernon Volumes text

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pumpkin carving and cookies

On Saturday we decided it was time to turn our pumpkin in to a Jack-O-Lantern. Connor had been learning about the difference at school and we wanted our kids to see the gory process up close.

While Daddy got the pumpkin ready, Mommy got some cookies ready. Paige snuck one in the picture instead of smiling... clever girl!

Next up was the pumpkin carving. Daddy did most of the work, but Connor helped with the design decisions. We did a pretty conventional Jack-O-Lantern for our first one together.

Mommy got a short video of the process. One note, the knife was not nearly as close to Paige as it seems in the video.

All done! Scary! The kids loved it when we turned off the lights afterwards and lit the candle. They'd run out of the room then back and would shriek when they saw it.

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