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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Fall family photos

On Shawn's birthday, we got together with Becca Blake, a local photographer, for some family pictures. We really wanted to get some nice outdoor shots and cut it very close to get them in while the weather was nice and the leaves were still pretty. Mommy picked out our cute color coordinated ensemble and we drove to Burr Oak park in Blue Springs. 

The weather was perfect and as the sun set, we had great lighting and the perfect opportunity to get some great photos. The only thing standing in the way was ourselves and a long hike. We parked the car and walked at least a few miles to a number of locations that would work well for a photograph. The kids were well behaved for the most part, but it was a challenge keeping them focused and happy for the entire shoot. It was Connor's first time in the woods and he loved grabbing sticks and banging on trees. Paige liked running off in every direction the moment you let her go. The woods really brought out her wild side.

In the end, we were tired, dirty, and not very confident that we'd end up with any good pictures. On the drive home, we were not very hopeful and said that we'd be happy if even one family shot was any good. When Becca put the photos up online for us, we were absolutely thrilled. There are a bunch of great shots and we decided to just buy them all. 

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Richard said...

Goodness! Those are great shots. What a terrific photographer. And it helps that she has a beautiful, special family to work with. It probably thrills her too that she has such a pretty family to photograph.
Very nice!